2008 Pictures *****

We get a wardrobe big enough, at last!

Alan and Julia do chemistry experiments

A float in the Corso at Plan de la Tour

'Our' float in the Corso

The wisteria blossoms

The front bed shows off the ficoids

Grandma and Anna share a book

We host Pam and Bill, Rick and Hella and Caroline and the girls

Rick and Hella have left and Francesco has joined us

Anna and Julia practise their newly-learned knitting skills

Two pairs of sisters in the pool

Julia gives Grandpa a shampoo

Cocures in the Cevennes - we have a few days off in the fall

Anna and Julia in October

Beryl gets a new cat - Pusspuss shows up at the door

Anna just before her 11th birthday

We return home from Ferrara with a stop off in Camogli