January Newsletter from Alan and Beryl

January has been another dull and wet, but mild month, like the two preceding it. Measurable rain fell on 17 of the 31 days, with a total of 118mm, not at all typical! It has not been as wet as this for over 60 years, it seems. The only real problem with it is that it gets in the way of working outside on the garden or other things.

Beryl went to UK for a week to stay with Caroline and enjoy the grandchildren. It was very cold while she was there, with snow on the ground and frost, so she was happy to get back to the milder weather here. While she was away, Alan painted the master bedroom and ensuite bathroom. We have contracted for the rest of the house to be painted professionally in July. Other works in progress include the kitchen, where we have had some of the cupboards removed to be replaced by custom built drawer units made by our local carpenter, brickwork redone to allow for a bigger frig, and halogen spots put in the ceiling in strategic places.