Picture Gallery 2014

Picture of the year - Pam and the Duke of Edinburgh

Pam in the receiving line for the arrival of Prince Philip for the Cunard 3-ships Reception in January at Southampton


Florida 2014 - Beryl, Sally and Pam

Beryl with Pam

Pam and Sally

Soupe au Pistou with friends

Pusspuss gets friendlier

..but is less happy when caught in the rain


Paul and Shawn visit the Isherwood's


lunch at La Ramade

Ladies lunch by the sea

Francesco playing ball with Anna and Julia

Lunch at Garibaldi's at Bordighera

Philippa and Rupert pay us a visit

Alan and Chris Marwood at Bordighera

We lunch in Camogli

Focaccia makes for a good lunch....

together with Prosecco and nibbles!

Paul and Shawn visit us with Camille

Washed out bridge to our road

Christmas with friends

Carrie makes us welcome

Christmas presents!

and so ended 2014.