New Stuff up to December 2006


Beryl's trip to Florida Jan 2006

Sally in her new house ---------- Pam and her dogs ------------------ Bill does the bacon and eggs

Garden work - spring 2006

The blue palm before work ------------------- The palm comes out!

The palm goes in its new spot ---------------- and before that, the old stump comes out

Anna and Julia

Anna photographs Julia -------------------- Anna & Julia help the priest sweep up the rice

Anna practices on her bike ----------------- The girls enjoy the fair

Picnic at Grandma's house ----------------- Watching TV with Alice

Julia plays shop ------------------------------- Anna plays games on the computer

Anna enjoys her dessert

and they can look like Angels for Grandma

Ferrara Palio

Part of the procession ----------------------- Francesco in his courtier costume

Anna and Julia in their costumes ----- Julia and Caroline with friends

Caroline and Julia show Grandpa the contrada HQ

La Ramade

The new wall, with some pots

The pool terrace under construction ----------------- Beryl's corn (maize)

The Soupe au Pistou ------------------------- We burn the old pine tree stump out

Beryl and friends enjoy the social life!

Pam and Bill Visit September 2006

The sisters